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 V.Andrade app

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PostSubject: V.Andrade app   Wed Jun 03, 2009 11:02 am


Age:16 1/2



Previous clans:12th IR

Were did u heard about us?from u lol

Will u folow all the rules and regulations of ISF?heck yeah

In order to join ISF u must stay 2 weeks under recruit tags on vent no tags on game
u have to play with us be with us on vent so we can see ho u are and if ur profile fits on this clan...
Do u agree with that?yeah if ive done it once ill do it again lol

what ever izreali said it is not true don't ever listen to someone else about my decision cuz i never denied going in i simply told tillotson give me a few days to think about it and u were on the vent to tanaka so idk why kslow said that u had said i denied it too
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PostSubject: Re: V.Andrade app   Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:10 pm

whale cum!
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PostSubject: Re: V.Andrade app   Thu Jun 04, 2009 7:24 am

ISF is a solid structure of mature and respected players any immature person that try to join this clan
will be rejected by vote....

Behave urself in ventrillo be a man and don´t act like a 10 year old kid any report we have from any other
clans of bad behaviors from the ISF players those players will be warned or kicked if u one of those don´t join us....

My Xfire is assasin777

PR Server:

Vent info: IP

4596 PORT

Password will be given by a ISF admin


Tanaka: assasin777

Willkinson: mistryman3213

Kevin: Kangutai

Kslow: kslow88

Tillotson: tillotson78

H.Sta: hsta

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PostSubject: Re: V.Andrade app   

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V.Andrade app
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